Code consultants (NFPA standards and model building codes)

As code consultants our number one concern is life safety and the reliability of life safety features involved while designing a functional and code compliant facility.

We take time to identify, evaluate and determine the adequacy of the life safety systems in all building types. Life safety systems are comprised of the protection of the structural system, protection and integrity of egress systems, evaluation of mechanical, electrical and building special systems such as automatic fire suppression systems, fire protective signaling systems and identification of unique hazards within a building.

Recently hired staff architect, has 5 years experience with the Louisiana State Fire Marshals Office with a vast range of experience in building special systems, fire protective signaling systems, life safety codes and ADA-AG accessibility guidelines.

On staff certified plans examiner concerning standard building code, (SBCCI) issues.

On January 26, 1992 The Americans With Disabilities Act, a federal civil rights law was passed, addressing equal rights access to facilities for disabled individuals. As a code conscious firm we will evaluate from the conception of the project, handicapped accessibility requirements of the ADA-AG as well as accessibility requirements promulgated by local jurisdictions.

Because of the combined experience in one of the most important aspects of a successful and functional building design we have the understanding to get the job done.

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