Fire protection: detection, alarm, communication, extinguishing and suppression systems

Every building or structure designed for human occupancy shall be provided with safeguards which provide a reasonable degree of safety that will ensure prompt evacuation in case of fire or other emergency.

Referred to as special systems, detection, alarm, communication systems and automatic extinguishing / suppression systems, where required by NFPA life safety code standards, becomes one of the most important components of life safety features.

Installation of these special systems requires a broad base knowledge of all building types as well as understanding the installation of all components / devices as required by building codes.

Special systems are only as effective as the installation. Our knowledge and combined experience of 18 years with the Louisiana State Fire Marshals Office will ensure code complying installations of all required systems.

Shop drawings for special systems prepared by certified agents will be reviewed for compliance prior to submissions to the local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ).

Our main concern is public safety. Properly interpreted and installed systems will provide the public with a sense of security and life safety by providing a fire safe environment.

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